F3K-launch +70m
How do you launch up your F3K-model really high? pics and videos will show and you can study the right spin motion and launch position. Please
Motormount (spant) installation
It is very important to glue the motormounts well.You have to make sure that the parts to glue are free of grease and dust. For
Cross-link pushrods / Anlenkung
It is important that you know your requested deflections of ailerons and flaps before you start installing your parts: - Ailerons: more up than down
Antenna holder (halter) 2,4 GHz
2.4 GHz systems work well only when the antennas are aligned correctly. W
Motor cooling
Mill a vertical (10mm length) slot in the area of gearbox-motor. Then warm up a flat head screw driver to 100-150°C and press the front section of