RW 4b (incl. 4 servos)
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Techn. Daten

RW 4b is the result of newest production technologies,  F5B experiences and pilots´ feedback. Wing has updated airfoil with installed servos. Fuselage has removable nose and very comfortable to install batteries without removing wing. Wing is equiped with dummy servo covers. That means there is a flat cover above each servo. You can remove cover but wing is "closed". For changing the servo you have to cut surface. Afterwards you tape or glue servo cover again and wing look like "new".

RW 4b features

- full molded carbon wing
- multiple sandwich shear webs
- UMS carbon spar cap
- 4 pcs. installed wing servos (Hyperion Atlas 09AMD) inc. pushrods
- dummy servocovers
- Solid core
- 2 pcs. easy to remove
- Full carbon fuselage + removable nose (glas)
- Unscrewable elevator
- Improved and optimized stabilizer mechanism
- all parts for stabilizer pushrods, servomount, motormount, screws included
- 36mm spinner (coming: 32/33mm spinner)
- max battery size: up to 10S 2200mAh / 34x43x230mm or 37x37x230mm
ToDo for you:
- solder cable connection wing - fuselage
- install servohorn into wing
- motormount & removeable nose - fuselage screw glueing
- assemble stabilizer pushrod + CNC servomount
- motor, propeller, esc, battery, receiver installation